Marlo at 1 Month

Continuing with the monthly posts I did with Jules, it’s time for Marlo’s first attempt at a photo with Scully. Also, a look back at her first month.


Everyone asks is she’s a good baby. Yes of course she’s a good baby. But really, she’s a newborn. They eat, sleep, cry and look around. The first month is usually just a “get through the day” and survive. Personalities don’t usually make their appearance until after the first month or so. But she’s got a few things that make her Marlo.

For one, she’s cute. She’s a talker with her sweet coos. She’s still petite – finally the size Jules was when he was born (7 lbs.). She loves to be held while she’s sleeping. She’s really fussy when she’s tired (sounds like someone I know 🙂 ). And she travels well.

(Not off to a good start. Neither wanted to participate.)


Speaking of Scully. She’s learned a lot from Jules. Basically she’s learned these little ones are sticking around and get first priority when it comes to our attention. And our laps. She doesn’t even bother with Marlo when she cries.

Her first two weeks were a tad rough. She was spitting up quite a bit in the hospital. The Doctors thought it was because she was so small and how fast she was born, she didn’t have time to have all the fluid squeezed out of her. It was getting a bit worse and she’d have to be on her side so she didn’t choke. Her Pediatrician said it was common the first day, but should have cleared. It finally cleared up before we were discharged.


She also had a touch of jaundice. Her bilirubin levels were slightly elevated. However, they dropped before we left the hospital. Because of that she had to go to the clinic to get checked. Thankfully they didn’t have to draw blood like they did every 2 days with Jules when he had it. The good thing about seeing the Doctor that early and often was we got to see how she grew. By the second week, she was at her birth weight again.

She also developed a cold which she did not get from Jules. Trust me, that was the first thing I thought. She had a little cough and runny nose. I felt terrible that she got sick. So we stayed home as often as possible and limited her meeting people. Thankfully, by her second week, she was back to her new self.

Now at four weeks old, she’s getting stronger and staying awake and alert for longer periods. She’s still in newborn clothes – actually fitting in them instead of drowning in them. She’s also starting to really smile. It’s elusive right now when the camera comes out but it’s really cute and sweet to see.


Happy one month, Marlo!

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