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Halloween. We finished the costumes for Scully and Skye last night. But not before we had to break up a dog fight (apparently the 2nd one for the day). Not sure what’s going on, but poor Scully had a bad day with Skye, ending up in her mouth again or shoved under the couch trying to hide from her. Skye can be mean sometimes.

But they looked so cute all dressed up! Scully loves Justin dressing her. Perhaps it’s just her loving him paying attention to her? Who knows, but she just loves it.

Skye knows how to take the hat off. I’ll have to make it tighter.

Justin actually did some hand sewing last night. That’s how serious we are about Halloween people. Justin sewing.

I’ve got my costume cut out but not sewn. I suck, I know. The party is tomorrow, so I’ll be up late sewing. I can’t imagine it taking me long mostly because, it’s a Halloween costume, I’m not going make it fancy and follow directions. It’s not daily wear, it’s not fashion. It’s just an ugly dress (supposed to be ugly). I need to put more effort into my hair than this dress.

Photos of all Halloween participants coming soon.

Heather, I haven’t forgotten about your prize. One half is done and ready to mail. The other half (the “I have to make it vegan?”) is still in the works.

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