Sexy Lunch Lady

We went to the Vikings game last Sunday (against GB). Since it was before Halloween, people were dressed up in costumes including the cheerleaders. Listen, I’m not opposed to them dressing up, but when they were ALL a sexy whatever character, the future for our daughters is doomed.

Sure, I dressed up in somewhat inappropriate costumes for my body but I made them long enough to cover things. And why does every costume made for women have to be the “sexy” version? It’s becoming ridiculous (a sexy Hermione from Harry Potter. Seriously?).

So, in honor of this ridiculousness, I’ve come up with costume ideas that can be made sexy. Enjoy!

Sexy Janitor
Sexy Truck Driver
Sexy Walmart Employee
Sexy Pumpkin
Sexy Camera Man
Sexy TV Evangelist
Sexy Grandma
Sexy Ghost
Sexy Cat in the Hat
Sexy Lunch Lady
Sexy Carebear
Sexy Blogger


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