Instant Replay

With pictures, we can recall what happened on a night that was a possible blur. After a few shots of some yummy tequila, Justin turns it up a notch. So without pictures, he might not have remembered what he did. So I like to chronicle it to show him the next day.

At the beginning of the night and no alcohol in his system he’s pretty happy.

As the night progresses and more frosty beverages are consumed, Justin becomes happier:

The cove is named after him because of his “naked happiness” last year. So in honor of that, they named it “Justin’s Cove” and covered the entire hot tub.

And the night usually ends in two ways:
1) He can barely walk but can talk your ear off.
2) He winds up with make-up on his face.

Make-up or not, shots of tequila or bite-sized Snickers, we want to wish you a Happy Halloween.

Only 54 days til Christmas!


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