Marlo at 17 Months

Let’s start with the fun stuff (isn’t it all fun, really?). You talk. All.the.time.

Your words are: Mama, dada, light, hot, night-night, choo-choo, no, hi, bye, more, cheese, eat, ball, shoes and I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two. You say more words than Jules did at this age. I assume it’s because you’re a girl but maybe not? 🙂


While your language has exploded so has your signing. You sign: eat, more, all done, bath (your favorite), water, hot (your other favorite), milk, night-night, fish, bird, light, play, ball, wind, baby (and it’s so cute!) and I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two. You pick them up pretty quickly. Dad was teaching you “go” today and while you got the sign, you might not know what it means exactly.


But you are very smart. I can ask where your hair bow is and you’ll go find it and try to put it back in. You do like to wear them now as your hair is really long in front and I refuse to cut it. You like to brush your hair and make jewelry out of your toys (a bracelet out of your stacking rings).

You stand up a lot and will walk with our help. I think you’ll be walking by Halloween. You still scoot but now it’s got gusto! You hop while scooting. People laugh and are amazed when they see you.


You actually got your 2-year molars early. You were getting your 8th bottom tooth and was really crabby and I looked and saw a molar coming in too. That was a shock! And 2 weeks later another one started coming up. So you haven’t been eating much.

Your favorite toys right now are Jules’ rocket ship and his blocks. You also like his trains, saying “choo-choo” while destroying his layout. You still love books. You’ll scoot in your room to find books to flip through.

IMG_5077Things you don’t like: being told no, the stroller, wearing a hoodie on your head, waiting for food, wearing socks, and being kept out of Jules’ room.

Here’s to 17 months, little one!


(Thanks Joe for all the apple orchard photos!)

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