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Why Hello There!

I’m going to pretend November didn’t happen. And according to my blog, it looks like nothing happened. Moving on… Christmas last year was fun with an 18 month-old. But I’d like to take that back. Christmas with a 2 and 1/2 year-old is fun. Sure, he’s sassy and sometimes naughty, but he’s really into the read more »


Not intentionally forgetting this space. It exists and at this point, something that isn’t a “hey, lets make something that works well even better!” Except, I’m not sure it’s better. I’m looking at you Facebook. Seriously, I’ve only seen a few new features over at the bookface and really, I’m getting tired of it anyway read more »

Dead Presidents

After we put the baby – excuse me, toddler – to bed the other night, we got to talking about past President’s. Justin asked, “Can you name all the President’s from the 20th Century?” “I think so.” And I proceeded to go from Roosevelt up – the first Roosevelt. Now, honestly, starting with Roosevelt was read more »


I want to talk about Facebook status’ for a second. You’ve seen them, the ones with multiple exclamation points, like this many!!! after every sentence!!!! “And it’s gonna be a good day!!!” !!!! Really, I think one exclamation point does enough, possibly two to get a point across. But let’s limit it to every other read more »

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’m not a picky eater. That’s my sister. Although, Justin would disagree and throw me in the same crowd as picky eaters like my sister. There are some flavors I just can’t stand. Some textures that are horrid. And probably the most frustrating thing for Justin, some foods I won’t eat because the name grosses read more »

Things I’m Loving Lately

– the walk into work. I don’t park in the parking garage at work anymore for many reasons. My new parking situation is a few blocks away and outdoors. Now that spring is mostly here, the walk in is nice, even in the rain. Makes me feel like part of the city. No idea why, read more »

Croissant Challenge Part 2

Ha! Michelle and Todd were right, these are tough! And I’m insane now. Let’s do a recap:Friday (I don’t work on Friday’s) I started around noon with the recipe. And I immediately had baking fail. Honestly, that doesn’t happen to me but I totally blame the recipe. The ingredients were translated from grams into what read more »