It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’m not a picky eater. That’s my sister. Although, Justin would disagree and throw me in the same crowd as picky eaters like my sister. There are some flavors I just can’t stand. Some textures that are horrid. And probably the most frustrating thing for Justin, some foods I won’t eat because the name grosses me out.

For example, I hate cilantro. HATE the smell as much as the taste. Apparently, I’m not alone:

When Justin eats anything with cilantro, I can smell it on his breath and I keep my distance. Same thing goes for garlic – although I love garlic, just not cuddling next to someone who reeks of it.

Chewing peas is like sandy dirt. The texture just makes me gag. The flavor doesn’t help either. Peas have a very earthy taste (dirt) so I don’t even bother with them anymore.

Greek yogurt. Nope, don’t like the word “Greek” in food. Although, I like Greek food, just not “Greek” something. Hummus, yes! Falafal, yes! Baklava, yes! Greek yogurt, no!

I tried Clotted Cream while I was in England. I was VERY hesitant at first, but I really wanted to try it. The word “clotted” has got to be the grossest word ever associated with food. Just sounds like a blood clot and who the hell wants to eat that?!

I tried it and it was THE.BEST.CREAM.EVER!

But I still hate the name.

This one is straight ignorance: Butterscotch. I had no idea it was basically caramel, in liquid form! Oh so yummy.

Justin doesn’t think I try many new things, but I really do. They just aren’t as obvious to him – he eats everything. I’m just now trying butterscotch, that’s like kids play in terms of sampling new foods. One day I hope to try more, but for now, I’ve grown past scraping the sauce off pizza (I’ll still eat it with sauce), but I prefer no sauce.


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