Besides feeling a bit sick on Mother’s Day, the weekend was pretty good.

I actually busted out my very first issue of Burda magazine (in FRENCH!) and made a cute new summer top. I took a photo, but a photo of me wearing it would be better. Despite the French instructions, it turned out really nice. Here’s a line drawing:

Saturday, Jules and I went to cheer Justin and friends on as they biked 60 miles for MS.

Jules made friends at the rest stop with his cool sunglasses and his fist-bumping skillz.

Then the weather went from this:

Cool jacket weather.

To this:

Hot, muggy, and too hot for clothes weather. This is the Minnesota we love 🙂

I got a replica Kate Middleton engagement ring (you know, the blue sapphire with diamond beauty?) and its totally blinging! A perfect Mother’s Day gift!

So with my new top, ring and warm weather, I’m like a new girl!

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