Dead Presidents

After we put the baby – excuse me, toddler – to bed the other night, we got to talking about past President’s. Justin asked, “Can you name all the President’s from the 20th Century?”

“I think so.”

And I proceeded to go from Roosevelt up – the first Roosevelt. Now, honestly, starting with Roosevelt was a guess. I was about 80% sure he was the first but it turns out he started in 1901. I was pretty impressed with my abilities to name all but three President’s from the 20th century (and 21st of course). I only needed a few hints to name those three. Justin admitted he couldn’t name that many. Sad. And he’s smart!

So once I was done, I told Justin we should learn all the Presidents, not just in order, but the years they served. Sounds like High School all over again, eh? Forced learning! Sleeping in class! Economics at 8am! (true story)

But really, who says you can’t take time out to learn (or sadly, re-learn) something as an adult? And shouldn’t learning be about, well, learning more on something that interests you? Plus, it’s a challenge!

So I’ll be index-carding it up with President’s and their terms. I’m sure this information will help me in trivial pursuit or something. Lord knows most subjects didn’t help me land a job. (I’m talking to you ALGEBRA.)

Just gotta talk Justin into it…

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