Why Hello There!

I’m going to pretend November didn’t happen. And according to my blog, it looks like nothing happened.

Moving on…

Christmas last year was fun with an 18 month-old. But I’d like to take that back. Christmas with a 2 and 1/2 year-old is fun. Sure, he’s sassy and sometimes naughty, but he’s really into the magic that is Christmas. I set him up with his own decorated tree in his room and Justin put a little train set around the base. He loves it! And he loves to show it to people who come over. It’s so much fun to see him so excited.

He happily obliges with our traditions of cutting down a Christmas tree in the freezing cold, standing outside in the freezing cold for a 10 minute parade, and soon, he’ll participate in Christmas Eve fondue. I can picture it now – all bread and cheese for dinner and peppermint ice cream for dessert. It’s Christmas, why fight it?

He’s not really sure about the purpose of Santa – and we’re fine with that. That’s a conversation Justin and I need to have because our nieces and nephews were told from the beginning there is no Santa. (Not sure what to think of that…)

I’m not doing a whole lot of handmade items this year, just a few things for various people. So far it hasn’t been stressful. But ask me next week when I get back from a conference and realize my last weekend to get stuff done is gone. Hello Amazon!

Work was very generous with holiday time off. They gave us 5 days between Christmas and New Years. So that means I only had to take two days off to get 12 days. It’s much needed for a lot of employees; we’ve been busy. My co-worker resigned and moved back to his home state which left me doing the work of two people. Needless to say, some items have been put on the back burner until they hire a replacement. I’m patiently waiting for that replacement to show up in January. It’ll be a New Year’s miracle!

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