Extended Family

Everyone’s extended family is bonkers. So I thought I’d share why I think some of my extended family members are bonkers. Plus, it’s good blog fodder and I’m pregnant, so I tend to be a bit more snarky than normal.

For example: I have a cousin, who for most of his life, was called one name (he’s a Junior of his dad’s name), Cousin Dude, Jr. Once he went off to college and graduated, he decided to be called by his real name which is his fathers name.

Ok, but that’s not the best part. I’m pretty sure he’s a  Jr. because of his nickname. But apparently, he’s now a Second. Cousin Dude II. Seriously? Apparently, he can’t be a Junior of his dad (who’s a genius by the way) but a Second? Guess he’s having an identity crisis. I’m not kidding when I say it seems to change every month or so on Facebook. To have such problems…

And here’s an example of why I think social media isn’t for everyone (and in turn, makes them do dumb things): A great aunt of mine is constantly on Facebook. Giving boring updates of “Geez, well I guess I’ve been on here long enough. Goodnight all.” Um, ok, thanks for that all important update. And this gem “Those of you that took pictures of the groups at Grandma Dot’s funeral service will you please post some on here. Jana has not seen any of them. I know there were some good one taken.” (Copied/pasted, not edited by me.) Which is not so bad. Until this was posted:

<—–that black box is covering up my beloved Great-Grandma.

We saw the picture being taken at the time and Justin said “I have a 5 generation picture of my grandma, except she was alive.”  So klassy and yet, I’m horrified they put this online. (Yes, I know I’m doing the same thing, BUT I am covering up victims and the stupid.)

I didn’t un-friend her, just blocked her and her misspelled political rants, boring updates about her nails getting done and constant updates about cleaning her house.

On the other side is Justin’s Grandpa and Grandma. They are in their early 80’s and insist on giving us things when we leave. And when I ask why, they respond with, “We’re gonna die soon.”

It’s your turn. Share your favorite extended family member story.

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