19 Weeks

Next week I’ll be 20 weeks and at 20 weeks, you have the option of finding out the sex of your baby. Actually, this 20 week scan is more for the doctors to check everything out and IF you want to know the sex, chances are pretty good things are fully developed to tell.

Since I’ll be considered “High Risk” based on my age at the time of birth (lame, I’m not old people!), I have to have an extra speshul scan. Basically, an actual doctor will be performing the scan and will be doing extra oogling over my baby. And the question will be asked, “Do you want to know what you’re having?”

Me: “NO!”

Justin: “YES!”

So we’ve compromised. We’ll find out but keep it a secret. We loved the surprise of Jules’ birthday day and I’m pretty sure our families loved it too. It was all exciting AND we were totally able to prepare for him no matter if he was a girl or a boy. It wasn’t a big deal.

But I understand that finding out now vs. finding out on the birthday isn’t a big deal either. What’s the difference? Not much, really.

In wanting to make it fun, I scoured the interwebs for some sort of card I could take to the ultrasound and have the doctor just mark what we are having, then sealing it up and opening it later (much later) when we’re ready. In my search, I found this article: Nobody Cares About Your Big Gender Reveal – Except You

This reminds me of a book a friend sent me called Pregnancy Sucks: What to do when your miracle makes you miserable. I totally yelled at it after learning the author only had ONE CHILD and decided to write that horrendous book. She was no expert so why would I take any of her advice? Pregnancy didn’t suck for me and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who felt that way. If I’m going to take advice from anyone it’ll be someone who’s had 6+ kids (My sister-in-law is probably a good example. Just popped out her 8th.) or even a doctor.

Reading that article about ‘nobody cares’ led me to believe she’s never been pregnant. While I’m not having a party (sounds a little too much for me), I am keeping it to myself. And so what if I don’t tell people? Even if you don’t like surprises, you have to respect that we choose to make the baby’s birthday more special by keeping something that enormous a secret. It’s no skin off my back if you don’t care.

So, all that to say, we are finding out (whenever we open that envelope – who knows when that’ll be, really), but we’re keeping it a secret.

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