Not Everything is for Facebook

A year ago we weren’t in the same place physically. Justin was in the hospital, fighting some unknown infection which eventually required his appendix to be removed. Jules grew so much that last year he was still wearing 12-18 month clothes to now actually fitting – height wise – in 3t. He’s still a stick though. And I’m pregnant with our second child.

It wasn’t a surprise in that we planned it. But what we didn’t plan was how fast it actually happened. We were hoping for another late spring/early summer baby and that’s what we’re getting. This one is due at the end of April, first of May. Don’t ask for the due date – after Jules, I’ve realized baby’s come at any time so don’t bother with due dates.

Things are pretty much the same as last time except I have a little person who’s really, really excited about his new baby.  He thinks it’s a girl and she’ll sleep in his room.

We’re still debating on finding out the sex of this little one. Either way, everyone won’t find out until he or she is born. So, hopefully you enjoyed the first surprise of Jules! And if you didn’t, well, oh well.

Thanks for not making me announce this on the Facebook.  5+ months to go!

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