Halloween Disappointment

Last night I wanted to finish my Halloween costume. I worked hard on making the top look like the costume I modeled it after – the Playboy cigarette girl. But once I started attaching the skirt I knew I should have just bought it. So with disappointment we went to the store to buy it. $60 later (so over priced!), I’m the owner of a costume that Justin says looks “to the tee” like the one I made. Well minus the skirt issue.

Had I known they used a swimsuit type fabric that would have made a HUGE difference. But I probably should have gone to the store to look at it first before tackling this project.

So now with mine out of the way, I’ll be working on Justin’s. I’ll post pictures after the party since his is a secret. Need a hint? Last year the hot tub at the party was called “Justin’s Cove” this year he’s request it be called “Justin’s Cave”.


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