Halloween Party!

It’s that time again for the annual Halloween Party! We’ve been working on our Halloween costumes since August. Ya ya, we know, we are crazy but we just get so excited for it! Shannyn and her husband Joe throw a great costume party so we have to take it seriously.

Justin’s costume is a secret. He wants it to be a surprise. I say whatever. I don’t want anyone showing up dressed like me so I’ve told anyone who’s asked. I’m a “Cigar…Cigarette” girl. See the candy links on the right? Apparently they still sell candy cigarettes. I thought those were banned! So I bought them from Amazon. They smell so yummy. The cigars taste ok. It’s gum and it’s a lot of gum to chew. So I might be going home with a bunch of those.

I’m playing around with my hair to see if I can do it up 40’s style. Since it’s so long it might be hard. But I’ll keep trying.

The fun part will be getting up at 5am after the party for our 11 mile run. I can’t wait til the training is over and I can run when I want. It’s true what they say – training’s the hard part, running the marathon is easy. Glad I’m only doing the half!

Justin’s foot is still bothering him so he won’t be running 10 miles on Sunday. And I’m just bothered in general because I’ll be running all 10.


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