I left my heart in Sam Franks Disco

This past weekend was our 6th wedding anniversary. Thank you to all who called and wished us a happy day. We actually celebrated it early by taking a trip to Northern California. We figured we should go before we move (not sure when that’ll be, but it could be soon).

We had a weekend filled trip starting at Atwater California – my birthplace; Yosemite National Park – giant trees; San Francisco – where Justin mentioned he left his heart many times. I kept singing “be sure to wear sunflowers in your hair” (or is it “some flowers” in your hair?) It’s an old song. If any one knows the song I’m mentioning, you’re s-m-r-t!

Blink and you’ll miss it – Atwater!

Learning about trees!

Big tree fell down!

I think Justin wasn’t interested in the bridge when he took this picture. Nice dirt patch.

Not too bad for someone only 5 feet tall.

On our actual anniversary we went shopping, had a nice lunch and chilled for the rest of the day since we were running 9 miles on Sunday. Surprise to us they actually lowered the mileage to 7. But Justin and John ran the entire distance. Show-offs.


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