Many updates or post with no direction

Update on the house situation: It’ll be a while. I don’t want to jinx it so I’m not going to post about it. But I do want to say, that I’ll have my own sewing room if we get it! (this sucker has 4 bedrooms, and last time I counted, there’s only 2 of us.)

Update on the hair situation: It’s still long even though I did entertain Mike’s idea of a fro for about 3 seconds. I swear my hair was thick when I was little. What the hell happened? It’s all nice and straight and thinned out. Any suggestions on getting thickness back? No? Won’t happen? I knew it. I think I’ll let it grow another couple inches and then chop it off. Maybe something between a fro and what I have now.

Update on transportation issues: My a/c sucks in the silly car. But I’m not too worried now because I think the summer heat waves are gone here in Minnesota. The bus, however, is another story. They keep it freaking freezing. I purposely leave work late so I can walk fast to the bus stop just so I’m warm getting on. By the time we get to my stop (the last stop) I’m good. But in the morning, that’s a whole different story.

This morning I saw a chick, probably younger than me, get on the bus at my stop. Her tongue was sticking out. Like her lips were too big to keep that thing in. I kept trying to sneak-a-peak to see if maybe she was just licking her lips or trying to cool her tongue off. Nope. I’m sure it’s nothing medical cause when she talks her lips close. What’s that all about? So weird.

Update on the sewing front: I’m almost done with my New Look shirt. I’ve never done a shirt with a collar before. It was interesting but I got it to work. Now I just have to attach the sleeves, buttons and hem it up.

I’ve actually got a good setup in the basement right now. I’m sure the in-laws hate the fact that I’ve used their pool table for tracing patterns. But I haven’t damaged it and don’t plan to. It’s just convenient.

Update on DCI: It’s this weekend. I can’t wait. Regiment just might pull off a win this year. Oh, and I AM SPARTACUS!


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