So that last post? Yeah, little did I know it was my last day of being pregnant.

My water broke early Friday morning, but with everything else going on (too many gross details to explain), I didn’t really realize what it was. At my Doctor’s appointment that afternoon, she confirmed they did and that I was “gonna have a baby this weekend!”

“Oh crap!”

On our way!

After frantically packing and throwing the car seat base in the silly car, we headed to the hospital. They let me walk around and much as possible to see if things would just start on their own since I wanted to do things as “natural” as possible. No dice. So around 7pm, pitocin was started and I was somewhat tied down. I did well until around 5am when the back labor was killing me and I opted for the epidural. I was only at a 4 and everything else we had wanted to do was out the window, so why not?

It was somewhat relieving, but also caused things to progress slowly. I did get a little sleep, but not much. The back labor never really went away and I had to get a second dose of the epidural.

Hours, hours, and hours later (and being confined to one side because baby’s heart rate would decrease when I’d roll over), I was finally ready to push. I’m pretty sure I yelled at the nurse because was no way a baby would come out in the position I was in. Don’t you want gravity to work for you and not against you? At least that was my reasoning to the nurse. I’m pretty sure she thought I was crazy because, well, I was. I also yelled at her to call the Doctor NOW because he might get called into yet another C-Section and won’t be able to help me. She assured me that “no, he’ll be here when I call.”

He was. And so was a team of nurses. Justin was great. Except the counting thing. I had to tell him to stop because it was annoying. I wanted to push as long as I wanted too. So, with a little “help” and 2 hours of pushing (GAHHHH!), we got this:

Jules Robert Foell
Saturday, June 13th 4:54pm
7lbs. 1 oz. 19 1/2 inches long

We’re still trying to figure out who he looks like but either way, he’s cute and we like him.


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