Don’t Call Me Crazy, Please

I don’t have a car seat, but I’ve got diapers covered. (I know I can’t leave the hospital without a car seat, don’t worry, I plan on getting one very soon. Yes, talk about waiting til the last minute.)

We’re going to try out the new cloth diapers. Apparently, these things aren’t like what our 70’s moms used.

First up, I had no idea even where to start. Online searching one night took 4 hours just to get to know the different kinds. Fitted, All-in-Ones, Pre-folds, Pockets – I think that’s it? And that’s a lot! How to care for them, how to wash them, what someones day might look like with cloth diapers. The information was everywhere.

I talked to Justin about trying a few out to see if we wanted to even go this route. He’s the best. We’re totally using this child as an experiment, but in a good way! He didn’t mind trying them out as long as I showed him how to use them. So I placed my first order. I ordered 2 fitted – Kissaluvs with 2 covers and 2 All-in-Ones. Fitted diapers are just that, they fit without having to do any folding of any kind. They’ve got elastic around the legs and snaps around the waist. The only thing with this style is you have to have covers for them.

And speaking of covers, those pre-folds that our moms used? You can still use them with the new style covers. So even if I run out of all these other diapers, I’ve still got the pre-folds.

AIO’s (All-in-Ones) are basically like disposables except you don’t throw them away. No covers are needed either.

I recently placed another order for a pocket diaper – FuzziBunz. These are a lot like AIO’s but have a pocket in the back to add more layers in case your kid is like Niagara.

The resale value of these things are not like the housing market in Las Vegas. You can get a lot of money out of them – even used. I purchased more on Craigslist last week. Actually, they were brand new, she just never used them. So I scored them a few dollars cheaper than I would have at an online retailer. (I bought more Kissaluvs and covers.)

The initial cost for cloth diapers is high. And it’s not like we can’t afford disposables, we can (I’ve already bought some because I’m pretty sure I’ll only be able to handle one big baby challenge a day). I’m no hippie either, I’m pretty sure I’ll be using a lot of water to wash these things so please don’t tell me I’m doing no better with cloth.

Honestly, I think they’ll be easier. Easier that I won’t have to go out late at night or at all because I ran out of diapers. There’s a less chance of diaper rash but only if I change baby right away. Who knows what’s in disposables and if they cause any long-term effects (since they’ve really only been around for the past 20-25 years). Potty training has been proven easier using cloth diapers instead of pull-ups. And they are cute too!

Sure, they’ll be a downside. Like washing. I get it, people are grossed out. But seriously, if you can pop a kid out, what else is gonna gross you out? A dirty diaper? Oh, please. (We just went to our birth preparation class – lots of “gross” talk.) Anyway, breastfeed diapers can be thrown in the washer, no dunking at all. Once you start solids, then you have to “take care of things” before washing. But no soaking is necessary.

I’ve yet to try this out, seeing as I haven’t had my baby yet (please don’t start calling asking if I’ve had the baby. Few weeks left, people). And there is a lot more info regarding cloth but I figure I should become an expert (or not) before I go into that stuff. But I’m prepared with my small diaper stash including disposables.


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