One Day of Misery

Yesterday was the first “hot” day of Minnesota. I’m sure we’ve had some warm days in the past few months but seriously, yesterday was HOT. Upper 80’s to the low 90’s by the time I got home from work. I even got a farmer’s tan on my arm during the drive home.

Once home, I walked in to see Justin wearing a hoodie. I said, “WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT?!?! I’m DYING over here!”

A few years back we had a conversation about things we missed from either Salt Lake or the Midwest, in general. While we both had really dumb things we missed (me – Sconecutter, Justin – the Minnesota State Fair) we both agreed that we missed basements the most. On day’s like yesterday, the basement is a life saver. Justin was so chilled he had to wear a hoodie.

I was hot. I was swollen ALL over. Scully was hot and panting and annoying because of the heat. I mentioned to Justin about 7 times, if we were still in Las Vegas, I would have died by now. I couldn’t walk. It was more of a slow, sloooooow waddle. I was so miserable that all I wanted for dinner was ice cream. (ok, it’s frozen yogurt, but still, something cold NOT hot to eat.)

(No, I didn’t have frozen yogurt for dinner.)

So while I’m really excited for it to be in the 80’s, I’m more excited that I don’t have to be really pregnant during the entire summer. One day was enough!

In thinking of things that I could do to stay in the basement, I decided to wash baby clothes. NO, I haven’t done any of that either. I know! I’m terrible (as Tony said, “You’re not a very good boy scout.”) but I’ve got other things to do. Like stay cool and not swollen ‘n stuff.


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