The Dump

It seems regular posting is heading south or non-existent (unintentionally of course). Unless you want everything to be baby related? But I thought it was time for a camera dump post again.

Look who we haven’t seen in a while!

SCULLY! She’s doing well. Here, she’s posing with her not so favorite home, her crate. We sold it on craigslist and I needed to show the size of it compared to my wee little girl. She’s so happy it’s gone now. And Justin really likes this picture of her. So grown up!

This is Max. He turned 4 on Saturday. Grandma and Grandpa got him a 4×4 electric hot wheel (or whatever those plug-in cars are called). His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw it. We were hoping he’d forget the rest of his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, but, no, he didn’t forget. The good thing about 4-year-old’s, they don’t care if adults are around. Except, this guy is in LOVE with Justin. But the 4×4 did distract him enough for us to leave.

“I think I might be pregnant AND these are on SALE!” – clearance aisle at Cub.

Out shopping for a nursery chair on Saturday. I know, talk about waiting til the last minute. Justin decided this one wasn’t a good rocker or recliner and it might be a little hard to get out of. But after sitting in 10 chairs from various stores, we ended up picking the one we liked about 3 months ago, but just couldn’t commit. “We can’t waffle anymore!” And bam, money spent, chair on order, delivery sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. Seeing as I’m due in about 3, we’ll see which comes first.

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