One Year Ago

It was one year ago when I went for my first interview. I admit, I lied about where I was that weekend to our friends and co-workers in Las Vegas. But we really thought bad things would happen to both of us if we told everyone I was looking for a job and had interviews with a company out of state.

Looking back, I guess it wasn’t that big of deal. But I really hated lying to people about where my new job was. And that “No, we aren’t moving.” Oops, HI we’re moving.

Despite a long, difficult winter (mostly for Justin, even though I spent numerous mornings in negative temps waiting for a bus), we’re finally getting used to it here. There are many things we miss about Las Vegas, even Salt Lake City. But with spring finally here and summer around the corner (EEEEEEE!), our attitudes have gotten better.

Our house and all its projects are taking shape and getting done. We didn’t have anything to do last night because of a power outage so we finished up some projects that didn’t require electricity. And you know what? They took all of 30 minutes. But it feels good to finish them. And it felt good to have the power back on because I needed a fruit smoothie made in my awesome new blender! Because, you know, when you move across country, you don’t have room for that old blender.

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