It’s Been a While

Let’s have some updates, shall we?

– We’re buying Jules a convertible car seat. But we’re waiting til he’s a year old before we use it. 1 year AND 20lbs. is the rule and we’re following rules.

– Minnesota is WARMING UP and it’s GREAT! I weeded my garden but I still need to finish it before I plant my veggies. A veggie garden, how awesome is that!? I’m so excited.

– We leave next week for London. Have a few things planned, but really, we’ll determine places to go based on how Jules will be. He’ll be good! YES! He won’t be crabby or anything!

– I’m looking for a car. With a new style carseat (that still needs to be rear facing), it’s time to upgrade the Sillycar. There’s no way one will fit and I’m ready for something new (to me. buying used of course). Any suggestions?

– With gardening and now, being a kickball player at work, I’ve been sore for about 2 weeks. (We lost our first game – but it was a great comeback!)

(OH! So my office – did I tell you I moved offices? – has a window looking down to a very busy street with lots of people. A guy just walked down the street in a gray suit and a hat. Straight out of the 40’s, I tell you what!

Yesterday, a guy wearing too short shorts was rollerblading on the same street. Not sure if he meant to go this way because it’s downhill and he wasn’t controlling his blades very well. I watched him until he almost bladed into traffic but turned at the last possible moment. He turned down another downhill road. I hope he made it.)

Anyway, back to kickball. So I’m playing third base and the ball got kicked to short stop, he’s literally 4-5 feet away from me, goes to give me the ball and throws it WAY HIGH and the runner goes home while I’m scrambling to the ground to get the ball. DUDE, I was right there, just lob the ball. (lob, right?) Don’t toss it way above my head when you’re that close! IDIOT!

So I’m saying, because of that, we lost.


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