In That I Have Nothing to Say

Really, nothing since December? Sad, but actually a lot has happened. Maybe it was the post-holiday blues or the amount of eating that has me now 10 lbs heavier (suuuuuucks), but I just didn’t feel like anything was worth writing about.

Wait, now that I think about it. It’s the month of January. Does it suck for you too? It’s cold, days are short, the holiday’s are over, blah blah blah January blows.

So anyway, Jules turned 19 months(!) and has a mouth full of teeth, we went to Kauai to escape the brutal cold of Minnesota (5 degrees today!), our basement project is almost done, and Scully is now considered a “senior” but don’t tell her that.

I haven’t done his 19 month post because I feel like I just did his 18 month. But that’s me just being lazy and not posting anything else. Plus we were in Kauai when he aged another month.

Kauai! It was a birthday gift from Justin. Since moving to Mpls, I’ve requested a trip to Hawaii in January. In his old, crotchety state, he agreed and booked the trip. It was WARM and SUNNY (most of the time). We burned our legs and feet, hiked, kayaked, swam, boated, drove, sun bathed, surfed, ate, shopped. It was a much needed break.

Our basement remodel is going well and this phase is almost done. The old panel board and ceiling was ripped down and new drywall was installed. We also added lighting and wired it for internet and the projector. After the second coat of mud and ceiling work is done, we just have to paint and move everything back. It’s chaos in the office and guest room, Justin can’t wait for everything to be moved back and I’m excited for a “new” basement family room.

Scully is 7 years old and that puts her in the “senior” age group. If anything, she’s middle-age. She still plays with toys, pretends to attack Jules, jumps all over the place, chases bunnies, and anything else a younger dog does. She’s fearful of Jules and tries to stay away from him and his swing arm. But she’s a good dog who still loves to cuddle.

Ok, time to get over this jet-lag. Til next time…

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