19 Months

(Somewhat late, but we were in Kauai and I’ve been slow to get back into the groove of life.)

Your love for trains has grown since you got a Thomas the Train set at Christmas. We have it set up in your room where you spends about 30 minutes playing quietly. Then you come running out wanting us to stick the trains back together (magnets). You still love cars and trucks, but I think trains are your favorite. If you’re sitting and you hear the Thomas theme, you come running in and immediately start dancing around the room

You now shake your head when we ask you anything.

“Do you want to take a bath?”

Shakes heads!

“But you LOVE baths!”

Shakes head faster!

I’m sure soon you’ll learn what it means.

You recently became attached to Lamby. You stole it from your Grandmas house when you were about 8 months old. It was something we put in your bed for comfort but now, you LOVE Lamby. One of your new words this month was “Lammie” sometimes screaming for her. Poor thing needs a bath after being dragged around, kissed with peanut butter lips, and grabbed with really dirty hands.

Speaking of new words, umm, well, Lamby is the only new word. But you are able to tell us what you need or want without issues thanks to Sign Language. You can now sign “Train” and you do a hand-washing sign. After meals you rub your hands together, requesting a hand washing. So I take you to the bathroom and hold you next to the sink. You rub your hands together in the water then reach for the soap pump for extra cleanliness.

(What? Doesn’t everyone have a slide in the middle of their living room?)

You’re still about 25lbs but you can eat like a big boy! You tend to eat a very big breakfast and then less and less through out the day. When it comes to new foods, we do offer them to you, and unless we force some on your lips you won’t try it. Of course, after you’ve tasted it, you usually like it. But we’re entering the independent phase so we don’t stress over it if you don’t like something or are being stubborn about food.

Check out all those teeth! You’re very good about letting me brush them.

It’s hard to think you’ll soon be turning 2. But it’s fun to think of the new things you’ll be doing in the next few months. More words? More cute personality coming out? Favorite things to do? I’m pretty sure the list is endless. 19-months baby Jules, it’s going by too fast!


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