Leg Warmers Anyone?

If you’re like me, you buy gifts for your pet during the Holiday’s. She’s part of the family and loves to get anything new. I could whip out a toy she hasn’t seen in a year and she’s totally happy and thrilled to have it back in her life.

But if you’re not sure what to get your furry friends for Christmas, here are a few inexpensive suggestions:

For your cat, here’s a simple tutorial (from craftershock) to make cat-nip toys. Looks easy and super cute! What a great way to use up felt scraps.

Don’t forget your dogs legs when it’s 10 degrees out. These leg warmers can go from your tot, to your dog. I suggest a wash between uses, though.

You can’t go wrong with homemade dog treats! Here’s an easy recipe from sugarlaws. (Tons of other human recipes too!)

Not necessarily for the dog, but it could make your life a little easier on walks: the dog leash bag.

Or just give them the gift of love and life (by making sure they are fed and not eating tree tinsel. Do they still make that stuff? No? Good, then Merry Christmas furry ones!).

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