It was bound to happen. But once you have something in your life for so long, it’s hard to think of the time that might come when they aren’t. Belle (of the Marshlands) joined our family my Freshman year of High School (more like, the end of my Freshman year of High School). She was the cutest Min Pin ever! We got her around 9 weeks old and she was tiny (palm of your hand tiny) and was terrified of us. But she eventually warmed up to my mom (of course) and then the rest of us.

We taught her tricks like how to talk; something Scully can’t do. She escaped our back yard too many times. One time, she took her kids with her. They must have needed a family adventure, to a house down the street because that’s how far a dog will get with 3 puppies following their mom. I’m sure it was a cute site. But it was even cuter when we got them all home and safe again.

Like all Min Pins, she loved blankets and anyone who had one. She also loved her bed as long as there was a blanket in it.

She died wrapped up in her bed, all cuddled up, her favorite way. She was 15 years old. Scully remembers her when she came to visit Las Vegas and wrote this to her:

Hey Belle,

It was a good visit while you were here. I think the last time I saw you I was still kinda annoying huh? I’ve grown up, but I’m not as old as you are. You’re like a Grandma! But you are my Grandma because you were so sweet to me. You only growled at me a few times. And you even played with me for a minute, after I bugged you all day. Even though you didn’t share the blanket, I still like you. So until we meet again, take care old lady!

Your annoying little friend,

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