Who Saw This Coming?

(Whoa! Is my spine gonna look like that??)

Just like when Justin helped with Scully’s Halloween costume, he helped with this project.

I had my genetic screening done last week. It’s an ultrasound and blood work. I got to see the baby for a good 45 minutes. We must have woken baby up because he/she was in the correct position for the tests for about 5 minutes, then got the hiccups and rolled over about a thousand times (probably looking for a good, comfy spot to chill). The tech kept jiggling my stomach and I had to make sure she wasn’t giving him/her shaken baby syndrome. She assured me she wasn’t.

Once baby found the best position, he/she stayed there. So I got some good photos of thumb sucking, general spazzing out, and probably giving us the bird (lots of hand gestures, it’s really hard to tell). It was awesome to see what life is like inside someone like me. I’m crazy in the head but apparently, that hasn’t scared baby away.

Justin wants to find out who the baby is. I say no way, we’ll find out soon enough. All of our friends are very much against this (except Elsa) but at this point, I’m just happy knowing there’s a little one inside of me and the surprise it’ll be in 6 months. (Oh crap! 6 months!!!)

Oh, for those interested, here are the deets:

Due Mid-June (I could give you the date, but honestly, it’s a guesstimate, so who really knows, right?)
13 weeks right this moment.
No morning sickness (please don’t hate me)
No weight gain…yet
Still wearing most of my clothes.
No unusual cravings/aversions except: no salad/dressing, no chicken, loving grilled cheese, baked potatoes and did you really think I’d give up bean burritos? Baby LOVES him/her some beans!
No uber exhaustion. I still go to bed at 9pm. Nothing new.

Honestly, up until recently, I thought I somehow cheated on the pregnancy test. But I’ve got the pictures to prove otherwise.

We’ve told a few people early on. Some of them were a little surprised we said anything so soon. I realize there’s the change of miscarriage, but honestly, it was our choice to share. There are no rules about when to announce. Now, telling my boss, that might take a little more time. Maybe I’ll wait until I’m seven months. Then it’ll be so obvious I won’t have to say anything.

I hope not to make this a baby blog, but updates and general information relating to baby will appear. So I need your help. I need a baby blog name. Something I can call baby until he/she appears and is officially named. Something like JJ (Justin/Jessi junior), or spazzoid, you know, terms of endearment.


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