Phew! Now that the cats outta the bag, I can officially talk about anything. But, not baby related today.

I like this 30-day challenge. There’s tons of goodies to talk about in December. I just can’t seem to get my act together on the weekends. This weekend was hard. Apparently you really shouldn’t sleep on your stomach when your 3 months along. Ok, but it’s still kinda flat so why not? Cause your back will hurt like you got kicked. So all day Saturday I was miserable. Nothing done or posted.

Sunday, full steam ahead the moment I got up because I knew I had tons of crap to do. Bake cookies for work, laundry and watch it rain in Minnesota in December (then watch it turn into ICE 1 hour later. Then try to drive on it to go see a children’s play with the family. We made it ok because nobody else was dumb enough to try that.). With all of these really awesome things happening, I can’t blog on the weekend. Yesterday’s blog is actually one I wrote on Friday while my database was down at work. But I can NOT get on the computer on the weekend.

Can’t do it. At all. No way.

But things did happen and I didn’t blog. So here I am. Want the latest news? Apparently, (and I’ve only seen emails confirming, not the actual agreement) I bought a house. Long story short, this was a house we bid on back in July. The bank was stupid and we walked. But once they reduced it, oh, about 30k, we jumped again and they agreed. We rule because we’re moving in the middle of the winter! Awesome, huh? No, not really because kids, today it was minus 10 this morning. And Justin’s car doors froze shut and then once they were open, the car didn’t start. I wasn’t ticked at the temp. I was just ticked about his car not starting up. He’s taking care of it today. All will be normal again.

Good thing for Mother-in-Law’s no-work-on-Monday’s, drive-husband-downtown. I hitched a ride into Minneapolis with her and barely caught the St. Paul bus. At least I didn’t have to stand outside waiting for it like I will tonight heading home.

Can anyone recommend very warm socks? Cause every pair I own put together isn’t cutting it. Think, Everest quality socks. Where can I get those? And boots? I need warm boots. Suggestions? Or should I just go to Fleet Farm?


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