What Happened Over Christmas

1. Found out my Wii Fit age is 44. Not good, even if I wasn’t pregnant. Didn’t I just run a half marathon? Wait, that was a year ago.
2. Ate lots of potatoes.
3. Drove 6 hours to Nebraska where dinner was waiting for me.
4. Sober the entire Holiday.
5. Was bombarded by a certain sister-in-law telling me she can’t buy me ANYTHING for our baby unless she knows if it’s a boy or girl. Sorry Angel, you’ll just have to wait until June like everyone else. But you can still give us your crib and anything else gender neutral. Thanks!
6. I didn’t blog.
7. My sister and I harassed two little boys into cleaning their VERY messy room by taking away their Nintendo DS. The screaming could be heard down the street.
8. The boy’s room was partially cleaned. For 20 minutes.
9. Presents covered the entire floor Christmas Eve. Little ones had to step on them to get to their pile. Justin yelled, “LOOK AT ALL THOSE!!!!! WHO ARE THEY FOR????”
10. Justin got warm, fuzzy slippers. I think they were his favorite gift from me.

We did Christmas Eve/morning here in Minnesota. Since there are so many little grandchildren on one side, there really were a lot of gifts in the living room. We let them open first so they could be excited playing with them somewhere else, while the adults opened. The in-laws didn’t even get to see us open gifts from them. They were stuck on open-kid-packages-NOW and I-need-4-AA-batteries-now! We got towards the end and found one kid missed 3 gifts. I think he got really excited and took off with whatever. He did eventually come back to claim them.

I got nice gifts as usual. Justin did too. Justin’s Grandparents must think we’re having a girl (actually, everyone wants this baby to be a girl for some reason) because they got us pink receiving blankets and a somewhat gender neutral outfit. But since it’s a gift, I’m going to keep it, girl or boy. Why not use it no matter who pops out?

Christmas morning, we headed to Nebraskey where my brother lives. FYI: there is nothing open on Christmas day. NOTHING, so get your travel cooler stocked with snacks and drinks because you’re not getting Hardee’s or Dairy Queen along the way.

More presents, more wild children not talking to you because they are too enthralled with their favorite Christmas gift, more everyone else drinking but me. Including a comment from my mom asking why I can’t have a Miller Lite. “Does it upset your stomach?”

Oh dear lord please tell me that she didn’t drink while pregnant.


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