No Resolutions

I finished the 30-day blogging challenge with 17 posts. So, I did suck, but hey, 17 in one month, that’s a lot for me. Maybe I’ll do it again when I don’t have 5 to 6 days off in a row.

New Years was very quiet and respectable. If pregnancy lets you be one thing, it’s respectable. No boozing, no screaming running down a street, no hangovers. You really can’t beat it.

We went bowling at the dumpiest bowling alley where we watched the Ms. Hooters Competition. A chick from Austin, Texas won. Her name was – and I’m NOT kidding – Hoots. Can’t remember her first name, Justin would know that. But her last name was seriously Hoots. How could she not win such a contest? I called it the white trash of Ms. America.

Has anyone else tried to bowl while pregnant? It’s the weirdest thing. I’m still sore from it and I only used the 8 pound ball. I’m so weak. And my game sucked.

We carried on our white trash festivities at home where I took a bath and I tried to increase my brain power (or as Homer says, “Increase my killing power.”) with Brain Age. The tub is the perfect place to play. Once done getting smarter, I watched Justin and his friend launch fireworks about 30 minutes after midnight. Better late than never. Actually, Justin will light fireworks anytime of year.

I passed out, they sobered up and that was it.

16 weeks and growing. During the Holiday’s I tried to eat reasonably and I think I succeeded. But for some reason, the belly has popped out all of a sudden. No weight gain yet, but I go in next week for a check-up and a lot can happen til then. I have a photo but it just looks like I’m bloated so I probably won’t post it. Unless I get an overwhelming cry to see it. But I don’t want to scare anyone.


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