The 21st Century Strikes Again…Again

Back when I wrote this post it was true. Apparently, it’s true again.

Remember, we parked the Silly Car away for the winter. The plan was to get in sometime in April or May and rely on Justin’s newer car, the subie. Apparently, his car is so modified that the computer (the brains of the car), froze up. Awesome huh? So, we had no choice but to go get the Silly Car out of hibernation.

It was a long day at work, plus it started snowing on the drive home. No driving for either of us, I ended up taking the bus into Minneapolis and catching another bus home. That took 2 1/2 hours! I was exhausted. But we still had to go up to Nowthen, Minnesota. Luckily, Justin’s awesome Aunt and Uncle had pulled the car out of it’s hibernating spot and parked it, ready to go, in their driveway. And Aunt Peggy made me homemade blue cheese dressing! So at least it wasn’t as bad as we anticipated.

And now I’m exhausted again today. I think my lack of any symptoms during the first trimester is catching up with me. But, I set a goal at work and I have to finish it or I’m a dummy who can’t meet deadlines. Plus, my plan is to make my goal and then tell them I’m pregnant. That way they aren’t too upset. But, actually, I just found out another chick at work is due the same time as me and everyone knows. So why am I waiting? Who knows.

So my car, which is 16 years old, is our primary car and runs awesome. And Justin’s car, which is only 6 years old doesn’t run and has icicles hanging off of it. And who said the technology from the 21st century is better?

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