I Appreciate What You’re Saying… But

I am, by no means, super attractive (please don’t tell me otherwise, I’m ok with the way I look – not that I expect anyone to object to that.). Just an average girl trying to do what she can with the face and body given to her. I like to keep things simple with hair and makeup. Clothes and shoes are also simple. I don’t over do it and I feel weird when I do.

So when someone in the skyway says to me, in passing, “Hey sexy!” I immediately look around to see who he’s talking to. Because, clearly, he can’t be talking to me. But then he says, “Oh, I see that big rock on your finger.” And I still look around for this sexy chick with a huge rock on her finger. (btw, my ring isn’t huge. It’s just that my hand and fingers are really small so the ring looks REALLY BIG.) (And, apparently, he was talking to me. There wasn’t anyone else around.)

This all happened while I was walking to lunch. I didn’t say anything mostly because I didn’t believe it. I mean, really, when someone says something to you in passing, you might think, “were they talking to me?” And by the time you realize they may have been talking to you, you’ve walked away. What would you say to that person anyway? Thanks?

Flattered, I was also somewhat grossed out. Since when did the skyway become a club for picking up chicks? Thanks for the compliment (and I’m sure my husband thanks you too), but no thanks.

(Totally unrelated, but super exciting: I was asked to audition for some voice-over work at tpt and they liked my voice for kids spots! (hahahaha, guess I’ve got a “kids” voice.) So Minnesota friends, stay tuned because Clifford’s coming up on tpt kids!)


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