12 Months

We celebrated Jules’ 1st birthday with lots of cupcakes.

Lots of splashing (on a very cloudy day).

And lots of baby friends (one of like 5 babies at the party). Jules learned quickly to share his toys.

A smash cake that he didn’t really smash at all.

At 12 months, it’s hard to get a photo of you with Scully.

She thinks you are TOO crazy for her and she stays away. Unless you are casually throwing food to the floor.

Along with all the fun things you do I listed last month, you also:
– Walk along the couch
– Are a pro at getting up and down super fast
– Clearly say “doggie”
– Know when you’re naughty
– Like balls and anything you can roll on the ground to chase
– Love bike rides with dad
– Love it when people say “hi”. You get shy and coy but with smiles. You LOVE the attention.
– Laugh so hard when Scully comes in your room.
– Still fake cry but it usually starts with a smile and ends with a smile. (you’re really a tease)
– Eat pretty much everything we eat

While you still only have two bottom teeth, that third one still hasn’t progressed. But, you have two top teeth coming in and one broke through on your birthday.

You really don’t have much baby chub anymore. You’ve thinned out a lot so we’ll see how much you weigh and your height at your one year appointment later this week.

(No babies were hurt falling off the couch.)

You’re a kisser. When I get you in the morning or afternoon nap, you greet me with a kiss. And when we ask for one, you eagerly pucker up or go for broke with a wide open mouth – tongue and all. I didn’t teach you that!

And when you’re not kissing, you’re usually in the kitchen open and closing cabinets or going through the obstacle course (table and chairs).

Are you a toddler yet? I hope not, I’m not ready. Happy 1st birthday baby Jules!

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