Goodbye Sillycar

I’m almost there. Just buy me a mac and I’ll be the smug douche-bag everyone hates. (Except the people who are ALREADY 100% smug. They just don’t know it because they are…smug.)

I bought a hybrid SUV (new-to-me. See, I’m not smug, I bought used!). It gets a little less mpg’s than the sillycar did, but I did gain a lot of room. Enough for baby Jules’ new car seat to still be rear-facing even when Justin drives. Enough to haul fireworks (that may or may not be illegal in Minnesota), the pack ‘n play, beach bag, cooler and chairs to the 4th of July party.

Big enough for teh pimp stroller AND a new bathroom cabinet at the same time!

Justin doesn’t want to admit it, but he likes it. I’ll admit I love it.


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