13 Months

(Swimsuit edition!)
I know you’re considered a toddler now, but you don’t walk – yet – and you’re still a baby to me…so, preshus baybee.

Baby Jules, you are hilarious! You can push a car around the kitchen all night, if we let you, crawling through the chairs like an obstacle course. You love to give kisses to any plush toy (and mom and dad) including Scully’s toys. You crawl as fast as possible when you want to get away from us. Your new thing is to crawl up on our bed and somehow, you can get down without too much damage.

You and Scully are ok with each other. She plays with your toys, you play with hers. You learned to keep your distance from her while she’s eating. But she loves to hang around the highchair when you’re eating. You reach your hands down to let her lick your hands. Gross, but it’s funny.

Daddy plays “the game” with you where he stands you up and lets go for a second or so. You stand, giggle and fall down. A few times you even took a couple steps towards him. Shocked, you laughed! You have a great laugh. It used to be just a “GEEEE – breath – GEEEEE” but now it’s a full belly laugh.

We signed you up for swim lessons. Oh man, were you unhappy for the first 10 minutes but once you got used to the water, you LOVED it! Good thing it’s two days a week or else you’d freak out every time.

No more baby food for you! You are a little picky right now, mostly because you wanna play, not eat. But you do eat almost everything we put in front of you. You drink whole milk and are finishing off the last of the frozen breastmilk.

We launched fireworks at Uncle Jake’s house for the 4th but you HATED it. So, instead of giving up, we took you to St. Paul’s show and you didn’t cry at all! Maybe you hated the homegrown show, who knows.

You and dad still hang out during the day. Bike rides to the store or library, sometimes a trip downtown for lunch with me, and much needed naps so dad can get some work done. He really loves being home with you.

You jabber all the time and clearly say “doggie”, you have used the sign for “more” and you know the sign for “bath” (which you LOVE to see).

We love you baby Jules!

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