I know you have an answer

I wanna know; what are your favorite songs/albums for a road trip?

Mine are (while Justin let’s me play them, I’m not sure they are HIS favorite):

Styx Greatest Hits – I’d never heard of Styx until the movie Big Daddy. The movie was dumb and the line about Styx being be “greatest band of all time” is pretty far off, but I still like the album. It’s good car-driving music.

Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits – But ONLY the first cd. NOT the second one. Oh, lord is that one bad. We like to listen to his good stuff. You know, before the 1990’s.


Anything Weird Al. It’s just fun to listen to!

Of course, if I’m in my car, I’ve got satellite radio so I can listen to anything.

Ok, what are your favorite road trip tunes?


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