Changing Things Up

After Marlo was born, the idea of me being home with the kids kept creeping into my head. I enjoy making money and supporting my family and to make a decision like that wasn’t something I took lightly. “Could I deal with kids 24/7?” I’d constantly ask. But the real question I was asking myself was: “Was I happy working?”

That answer was no. I struggled with enjoying the work, days of frustration and boredom, and really, I missed my kids and just wanted a break. With two kids I felt that my time was even more valuable than before and honestly, I didn’t want to constantly feel like I had no time for anything. I was stressed and it wasn’t good for anyone.

I was stressed with my sickly dog, my beloved grandmother passing, my challenging 4-year-old (which is the WORST age btw), pumping to keep up with a baby who wasn’t growing and┬ábarely┬ápumping enough, work demands from projects new and old that left me exhausted mentally. It was all too much for me and I decided we needed to make some changes.

Thankfully, Justin was onboard as his business partner needed him to work more.

So I resigned.

After 6 years to the day of hire, I left my dream company. Sadly it and I had changed to where the relationship wasn’t a dream anymore. It happens and that’s fine. I’ve been home with my kids for about a month now and we’re still figuring out schedules and daily routines. We’ve been traveling these last 4 weeks (Disneyland and Illinois) and the kids and I generally hang out and try to do fun things. Some days we’re successful with something fun, other days we’re just running around or hanging out at the house.

I don’t plan on staying out of the workforce forever. I’ve got an idea of the type of work I’d like to do as well as the type of company I’d like to work for. But for now, I’m loving the freedom of being home with my kids, having time to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and having the open schedule to do whatever we want as a family.


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