Marlo at 12 Months

1 Year! We survived! You’ve gone from our tiny, sweet newborn to our even sweeter, not quite toddler.

2014-06-01 13.10.34

You don’t crawl yet and we don’t stress over it. You do, however, scoot and twist around to get where you want to go. You do tummy time still just to get some crawling practice in but all you do is go backwards.

2014-06-01 14.07.35

You facing the couch after twisting around.

You love to give kisses to your stuffed animals. And you LOVE it when you steal Lambie from Jules. We get the feeling there will be fights over Lambie in the future. Jules already has had to give her up to calm you down.

You have 2 bottom teeth and 1 top. So far teething isn’t too bad for you. We’ve been lucky with you and Jules on the teething front.


You’re very vocal and easily excitable. We can make you laugh pretty easily too. Your sassiness is coming out more yet you’re still really sweet. We’re starting to see the personality difference between boys and girls. I’m not going to say “drama” but you are more dramatic about things.

We had your birthday party on Mother’s Day. We had flowers for all the mother’s and small treats for the kids. We did a mini-themed party since you’re still so little. (Officially 14 pounds!)

DSC_1420Celebrating with a mini cupcake!


Mom’s not into the whole smash cake business. Too much of a mess to clean up! 


You’re a pro at opening presents!


How cute is this? You got a purse that you already love to put things in.


Your brother still loves you even when you do get into some of his toys. He is still pretty gentle with you. He’s a great big brother and you adore him.


At Easter you had a peep for the first time. Hi-larious!


Happy 1st birthday, sassypants!

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