Three Years

I was recognized this week for working here three years. That’s the longest I’ve worked somewhere that wasn’t school. My usual thing to feel after TWO years at any place is anger, frustration, stress, boredom, blah, blah, you get the idea. But here, I haven’t felt that. Sure there have been frustrating days. Anger at dumb decisions. Stress at getting a project done. Boredom from lack of work. That’s at all jobs and not at once as it was in the past. Since being here, I’ve never said, “I’m done. I want out. I hate it here.” Not once. Ask Justin how many times I said that at my last employer.

It was nice being recognized because a lot of people didn’t know what I did, who I was, or even what I looked like. But that changed within the past year. The role I have now lets me interact with more departments and become the hero at the last minute (toot toot! – that’s me tooting my horn.). And when my boss ended his speech about my work here, I was surprised at the applause that came. Loud cheers! What? Who was doing that? No one knows me or the work that I’ve done. But people did know me and the work I’ve done. And they cheered. I was the popular kid for 15 seconds.

I haven’t thought about where I’ll be in the next 10 years career wise. Where ever I am, I hope I’ll be as happy as I am here.

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