24 Months

Oh baby Jules, my little two-year-old, you are so grown up. You’ll never be the squishy little 6-month-old baby again. I had to sneak into your room to cuddle you the other night just like when you were 6 months old.

It was easy to get you because we switched your bed to a big boy bed last week. You get so excited to go “night night” you don’t even get out in the morning. You patiently wait for us to get you.

You’re so proud.

We’ve got a running list of signs you know. It’s very close to 50 signs! You learn them so quickly now. Your language has also improved dramatically. You know colors and we’re working on numbers. You can count to three.

You adore being outside. You and Dad have been spending a lot time outside during the day: playing, working in the yard, bike riding. Anything to stay outside.

Driving cars, looking cool.

We had your birthday part on Saturday. All your cousins adore you and had fun taking you all over the play area. You napped so well afterward!

Not the best family photo, but it is what it is.

You got a sand and water table. I haven’t put the sand or water in it because you like to drive cars all over this thing.

You totally love it!

You took it upon yourself to climb in and play.

“Just checking this umbrella thing.”

These two years went by so fast. There’s no slowing you down. Happy Birthday my little one!

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