It’s All a Crap Shoot

While living in Las Vegas, I tried to grow an orange tree. Guess how it turned out? I don’t know either. I gave it to a friend’s wife to take care of when we moved to Minneapolis. But the first year I had it, it survived and actually grew fruit. I learned you weren’t supposed to pick it the first year so the second years harvest would be better. (I hope it’s growing yummy oranges for my friend and his wife! It probably is, I think she’s got a super green thumb.)

When we bought our house, the family before had a huge garden in the corner of the yard. I loved the idea of a garden and wanted to do it. But then I had a baby and then it was winter and then summer again and the baby was crawling and I wasn’t in the right mind to start such a task. We did, however, prep the garden by digging out weeds and left over leeks (we ate them, they were good. The leeks, not the weeds.). But after one really heavy, rainy week, it all grew over again and I gave up.

I made up my mind, this was going to be the “Summer of Gardening” (and “Summer of Beverages”). So I started all my seeds inside and they were growing beautifully. I had Friday’s off and that gave me time to work in the garden. And I borrowed a family tiller to do the really heavy work for me. But the weather. Oh Minnesota and your weather. You always ruin my plans!

I had to wait a few weeks until the ground was dry. My little seedlings were starting to die-they needed to be planted! But it finally dried out and I was finally able to get started. Let me tell you about a tiller. It’s a machine that-while digging into the ground-you hold on for dear life because it’s going to take off and not care you’re holding on or not.! And quick! It took maybe 45 minutes to till the entire plot. I made Justin till the back scary corner.

We planted the seedlings and BAM, Minnesota decided to go from 70’s to 100’s in about a day. And most of my seedlings died. All but two cucumber plants died, but my tomato plants survived. I also planted corn, carrot and potato seeds. I figured they were a lost cause too because of the heat and I couldn’t keep up with watering. But then Minnesota went back to the 70’s with tons of rain. And guess what? Everything grew! Including weeds! So now, I get to pull lots weeds thanks to all the rain. Most of my seeds have sprouted and are growing beautifully. I will have to plant some more corn because they are being overtaken by grass. Meh, I’ve got tons of corn seeds.

Now, how they will taste is a whole other experiment. Stay tuned…


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