Themes are Good

*ooh, Looks like I can now “mobile post” – but I’m not gonna.*

May in Minnesota is weird. You have beautiful, sunny days with a high of 75. Perfect, Minnesota! Then you have beautiful, sunny days with a high of 55. She can’t help her moodiness.

I’m doing a garden this year. I was with infant last year and couldn’t get my act together for many reasons. This year, this summer is the summer of gardening for me and the summer of beverages for Justin. We’re nerds and like to theme our summers. One summer was the “summer of socks” the next was “summer of slurpees!” So, once we declare it, it’ll happen.

Summer of gardening consists of 1) cleaning up the front and back yard and not be the embarrassment of the cul-de-sac any more. And 2) planting a simple vegetable garden. By not going overboard, I’m keeping it simple and doable. Or else, I’ll fail. Corn, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, cauliflower, and pumpkins – for the kids. So far, so good! I got my starters going and just finished tilling most of the garden. But, Minnesota wants to ruin everything for me and rain. Jerk. While the hard work is 1/2 way done, it really all comes down to how things will taste. I can only hope it’s edible.

Summer of beverages consists of 1) brewing our own beer and 2)creating our own pop. Orange, root beer, grape, cream soda, whatever! Plus, we’ll need a cool beverage after the long hours of garden time we’ll be putting in EVERY.NIGHT.FOR.THE.REST.OF.THE.SUMMER!!

I’ll let you know how it goes. What’s your summer theme?


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