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Motoring Away

Thanks to all who’ve entered the giveaway! I think spring is on everyone’s mind, huh? Those of you who live in warmer climates, I’m totally jealous! We just got hit with another snowstorm and I ended up with a snow day at work. Almost three years I’ve worked there, I’ve never had a snow day. read more »


Why am I showing you my cluttered counter? Just keeping it real, people. I hate clutter. But I have it. The mail area in our kitchen is the worst for clutter. THE.WORST. Many times I’ve cleaned it but never really found what the problem was to begin with. So, I decided to use the PROCESS read more »

Cloth Diaper Fashion Show

First up, I owe you pictures of Jules’ room! Awesome chair that we waited more than the 6-8 weeks quoted. It’s so nice and comfy. My mom whipped up those curtains while she was here. She’s so talented. I don’t consider myself a hippie, crunchy or granola in any way (not that it’s bad to read more »

One Year Ago

It was one year ago when I went for my first interview. I admit, I lied about where I was that weekend to our friends and co-workers in Las Vegas. But we really thought bad things would happen to both of us if we told everyone I was looking for a job and had interviews read more »

Still Not Really Counting

Welcome to my 33rd week of pregnancy! Seriously, I forget what week I’m in. I have to look at the weekly email I get saying “Pregnancy: Week XX” just so I remember. I’m close most of the time. I’m excited but mostly stressed out that in possibly 7 weeks (or EARLIER!) this baby will be read more »

One Giant Step in the Wrong Direction

My bed is in the living room. Our clothes are downstairs. The crib is still untouched, in pieces and in the living room. BUT! I managed to unpack the last office box. That room, is officially unpacked. We’re getting our hardwood floors refinished in our bedrooms (ours and baby’s). (BTW, can we say that Justin read more »

Oh Boy

We celebrated Justin’s Birthday on Friday even though it was on Sunday. He’s happy being 32. And he’s happy with the new Guitar Hero game I got him. You know, the one with the cymbals on the drum set. Now he can be the drummer he’s always wanted to be. And I can be the read more »