Still Not Really Counting

Welcome to my 33rd week of pregnancy! Seriously, I forget what week I’m in. I have to look at the weekly email I get saying “Pregnancy: Week XX” just so I remember. I’m close most of the time. I’m excited but mostly stressed out that in possibly 7 weeks (or EARLIER!) this baby will be here.

Not too shabby for 33 weeks, eh?

My butt isn’t really shaped like that. It probably didn’t help that I used it as a shelf for my arms.

Remember this photo at 24 weeks?:

So ya, the baby moved into the “all fo sho” part. The belly is all baby now. Biology is weird!

We’re slowly crossing things off the “must get done before baby” list. But even then, we won’t get to everything. And I’m fine with that. Today is the last day the hardwood floor guys are around, applying the last few coats. And let me say, I’ve never gotten so excited over hardwood floors. EVER. They are beautiful! This is just one small step to liking my dumpy new house a wee bit more.

Justin asked why we didn’t do it sooner. Cause we’re dumb, that’s why. Seriously, I can’t wait to move back into our bedroom and get the baby’s room set up with beautiful hardwood floors! I’d show pictures, but I want it to be a big reveal because they were beat-the-crap up. Even so, beat up hardwood floors looked better than the hideously green, piss-smelling carpet that was there. And no, I didn’t let anything of ours touch that piss-smelling carpet. We pulled it up before we even moved in.

Completely unrelated, but Justin and I are dealing with it now, spring in Minnesota. Minnesota weather, you are seriously f’d up.


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