Motoring Away

Thanks to all who’ve entered the giveaway! I think spring is on everyone’s mind, huh? Those of you who live in warmer climates, I’m totally jealous! We just got hit with another snowstorm and I ended up with a snow day at work. Almost three years I’ve worked there, I’ve never had a snow day. It was that bad!

We’re still working on our basement. We’re priming the walls today and hopefully get the electrician and contractor back to do the finishing work. Then we can move everything back and I can clean out the guest room. Once that room is done, we’re moving to the bathroom. The only real difficult work will be tearing out the laminate floor and replacing it with tile. The rest is finishing work. Just trying to make our home nicer, one room and one project at a time.

If you’re a shopper of Ikea, check out this great site, Ikea Hackers, for all hacked Ikea products. I love to see what people use to solve common problems. There are some really creative people out there!

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