Cloth Diaper Fashion Show

First up, I owe you pictures of Jules’ room!

Awesome chair that we waited more than the 6-8 weeks quoted. It’s so nice and comfy. My mom whipped up those curtains while she was here. She’s so talented.

I don’t consider myself a hippie, crunchy or granola in any way (not that it’s bad to be), but I really like cloth diapers. I think the more people are aware of the different types of diapers out there and how to use them, then the idea of cloth won’t be seen as something foreign.

Back when I first mentioned we were going the cloth route, I really didn’t know how it would go. Justin was all for it, often asking, “can we try it all day today?” I was the one hesitant to go all day. But once I got over the hang ups I had (what if they leak, will they fit him right, etc.) and the fact that he had diaper rash with disposables, the cloth diapers cleared it up in no time, I was sold.

So let me show you my cloth diapers and how I use them.

First up, I have about 8 fitted diapers with 3 covers, 14 All-in-Ones (or AIO’s), 2 pocket diapers, one size and 2 pocket diapers, size small, and numerous pre-folds.

Here’s a picture of my diaper drawer.

The colorful ones (blue, yellow, green) diapers are bumGenius. These are AIO’s and by far, my favorite diaper. Just below those are the fitted diapers called Kissaluvs (light green and yellow). They require diaper covers and worked really well when he was smaller. They have a snap for the umbilical cord and are nice and soft. But once wet, you have to change them pretty fast since there is nothing to pull moisture away from baby’s skin. They still fit and I use them when he’s awake.

To the left of those, are 4 diapers. Two are bumGenius’ one size pocket diaper (fits through potty training) and Fuzzi Bunz size small. Pocket diapers are good because you can add more absorbent layers inside the pocket for heavy wetters or long nap times. Although the Fuzzi Bunz is a small, it’s still a little big on Jules. It has two rows of snaps so you can get a good fit. All the bumGenius diapers have Velcro. I personally prefer Velcro because I can get it nice and snug on him. And behind those (really colorful ones) are fitted diapers my mom made. (free pattern online)

The other side of the drawer consists of pre-folds which I use with the 3 covers (again, when he’s awake and I can change him as soon as he needs it). Next to those are the “soaker” inserts for pocket diapers. All four came with inserts and a soaker to add for nap time or if your baby is a heavy wetter. Behind those are my 3 covers and then a few disposables. (I keep a few on hand when all the diapers are in the wash or we’re going out of town or just when I’m lazy and don’t want to do a lot of wash. It happens.)

On to the fashion show:

Up first, we have the fitted diaper, Kissaluvs. Size zero, these should fit him until about 15 lbs. The texture of these actually help contain messes which have never leaked on me, even with the messiest diaper. They are really soft but with such thick material, they take a while to dry. I was worried about staining but after washing, I just let them dry in the sun and it removes the stains. (None of my diapers have any stains on them because of sun drying.)

The onesie test:

Not too bad. A little bulky, but like I said, I only put these on him when he’s awake and at home because he goes through them pretty quick.

I paid about $12 for each one. I found most of these on Craigslist new, but there are plenty of used ones for sale too.

Up next, Fuzzi Bunz size small pocket diaper. I purchased two to try out different brands of pocket diapers. I can see why people like these. Super soft fleece that pulls moisture away from baby, easy to stuff and two rows of snaps for a good fit. Size small will fit Jules up to 18 lbs. They dry really fast in the dryer because you pull the insert out to wash (you do this with all pocket diapers prior to washing).

The onesie test:

Jules wasn’t too happy. Poor guy. Trimmer than the Kissaluvs but with two rows of snaps it can get bunchy on Jules. Fuzzi Bunz has a higher rise than Kissaluvs, and with elastic in the back for the pocket, it holds in messes. Remember, remove the insert prior to washing. I pull it out when I change him and then drop both in the diaper pail (which I’ll talk about in a bit).

I paid about $17 for each one. You can find all sorts of pocket diapers on craigslist or And if you can sew, there are a few good patterns (kwik sew) some are even free. Just do a search online.

Next up, the bumGenius AIO’s. These have a built in soaker with an opening in the back to add another one if you need to. The layer next to the baby’s skin is a soft fleece so it pulls moisture away, leaving the skin dry. They are nice and trim, much like a disposable and come in lots of cute colors. These are popular with father’s and grandparent’s because they are just like disposables except you don’t throw them away.

The onesie test:

Nice and trim, just like a disposable. Justin really likes these and if these are in the drawer, he’ll use them first.

If you’re out and about, the AIO can be rolled up just like a disposable:

Then, with the Velcro tabs, you just overlap and it holds the diaper closed.

But when you’re changing at home, you don’t have to roll it up like that. Just remove from baby and toss in the diaper pail.

I paid about $16 for each one. I’ve bought from two different sources, and a local place here in Minnesota.

The only problem I have with AIO’s, they take a really long time to dry. And because of the type of material used for the waterproof outer layer, they can’t be dried on high heat (medium or less). So that’s why I hang them to dry for most of the day, then throw them in the dryer and that seems to finish them up. But other than that, I LOVE these diapers.

And, finally, bumGenius One Size Cloth Diaper 3.0. This diaper will grow with him all the way up to potty training.

This is a pocket diaper and comes with a doubler that can be sized to fit as your baby grows.

These fit him the same as the AIO bumGenius (no photo). I really like the concept of this diaper – growing with him, but I find stuffing it is harder than the Fuzzi Bunz. I don’t know why. It might just be me. But I really like this diaper too.

You can buy these at and I used a gift card I received at one of my baby showers for a two pack at They run about $15 each. But, since you can use them through potty training, that’s a pretty good investment.

The initial cost of cloth can be high. I hate to say it, but I’ve probably spent about $300 (maybe more?) over the course of my pregnancy and the past month buying diapers. But, I’ve only bought one small package of disposables since his birth. We were gifted a few packages that got us to the point of using cloth full time. I still have about 40 disposables left and we rarely use them. So, while the initial cost can be high, it doesn’t have to. Craigslist and are great places to find gently used diapers. And when you’re done with diapers and little ones, sell them!

Additional information: You’ll need a diaper pail and a Wet Bag. This bag has a liner to help keep smells contained. I also have a smaller one for my diaper bag. It holds about 3-4 dirty diapers. I just throw both bags in the wash with the diapers. My diaper pail is just a rubbermaid garbage container (from Target). I keep the lid open for air to circulate. His room doesn’t smell because I wash diapers every other day. Now, regarding really messy diapers, I haven’t had any issues with leaks at all. Disposables on the other hand, does “up the back” ring a bell?

Jules is breastfed so messy diapers are treated just like a wet diaper; I throw them in the diaper pail and wash on wash day. But once he starts eating solid foods, I have options. 1) To shake anything that will come out in the toilet and be done or 2) use a liner in the diaper so I can just throw that and whatever it catches in the toilet. Some people have a diaper sprayer attached to their toilet to make cleaning them a little easier. I might consider that when the time comes. But really, messy diapers or not, it’s not a big deal.

I wash all diapers, covers, bags, and inserts together. Washing instructions vary by brand but I do a pre-wash with no detergent on cold, then a hot wash with detergent with an extra rinse on cold. Then I hang them to dry outside, with the inside of the diapers facing the sun to get rid of any stains. Once mostly dry, I throw them in the dryer to finish. I could try drying them in the dryer but it would take all day and a lot of power/gas. That’s why I hang them. It’s free and easy.

That’s it! It sounds daunting and complicated. I know, because I was really confused at first. But, remember KISS? Keep It Simple Stupid. I bought only a few different brands, found the best ones and a system that works for all three of us. I’m no expert on the subject, but I hope this helps anyone considering making the switch. And, seriously, they are CUTE! I love taking his picture wearing a cloth diaper!

Good luck and let me know what you think!


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