Oh Boy

We celebrated Justin’s Birthday on Friday even though it was on Sunday. He’s happy being 32. And he’s happy with the new Guitar Hero game I got him. You know, the one with the cymbals on the drum set. Now he can be the drummer he’s always wanted to be.

And I can be the knocked up wife back home while he’s on tour. Good thing the tour is only in our living room.

Oh.this.crazy.house! Every little project we start on leaves us scratching our heads as to why it was done like that in the first place. All the outlets in the house are super old and dingy looking. So we’re going room to room to replace them with nice white ones. We started in the kitchen. Apparently, a few of the outlets weren’t even grounded! Oooookay.

We replaced the light bulb over the sink with the right size and just used the bulb in the main kitchen light (until we replace that whole unit). It’s like a faint purple color! What the heck?! So we’ve got 2 white lights and this one tinted one. Who buys a purple tinted bulb for their kitchen?

Last night we installed a new disposal unit (the sink didn’t have one at all and I think it’s a must). But we needed to access the power source for the dishwasher which is behind the dishwasher. First off, the dishwasher sticks out from under the counter like 1/2 an inch. Weird. Justin unscrewed it, pulled it out and there was so much GARBAGE underneath it I just about died. And when I swept it, it was stuck to the floor. I was amazed. It was like their kids had swept and just brushed it under the dishwasher.

So I cleaned that up, got the disposal installed and plugged in, and the dishwasher pushed further under the counter. Now it looks like it belongs there.

We just laugh each time we find something that doesn’t make sense or that wasn’t done correctly. But we are getting things done in the house. Good thing too because I’m hitting the 3rd trimester soon (like, tomorrow. THAT soon). No, I’m not as big as people expect. No, I haven’t gained the typical amount of weight all the books say I should (talk to me at 40 weeks). No, my Doctor isn’t concerned about this at all because the baby is measuring fine.

3rd trimester people. This is like Senior year of High School or College. I’ve been told now is the time to have fun because apparently real life isn’t fun for a while and neither is the newborn stage. Justin and I have been having fun for 8 years. I see people with kids having fun. So what’s the point of comments like that?

So I’ll just keep plugging along with my house to-do list which DOES include get the baby’s room done – hopefully BEFORE the baby shows up. I just needed that disposal first. And those shiny new outlets. And the new kitchen faucet that we’re installing tonight.


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