Just Add Peanut Butter

And she’s busy for 10 minutes. Look at her go!

Apparently, “I’m no help”. I got an email from someone who somehow got my email address (back from when I was a video editor). It was spam, either way, I replied with a “remove” request.

Then I found he was holding my address hostage until I told him what city I was from? Seriously? So I ignored it. Then today, I got another email stating: “Without your help, I had to search through 13 lists… but you have been

I don’t care what you had to do. Just do a search on my email address from your 13 pages of addresses. Jeez old timer! It’s not that hard. And while I do feel he got the last word in (which was probably not smart on his part since now I can tell people I know in the industry, “Hey, know this voice-over guy… he’s a douche. Don’t hire him.”) I’m glad I made him all huffy-puffy having to search through 13 pages of email addresses to remove mine.

And speaking of my previous industry, a co-worker apparently couldn’t remember that I was a video editor not too long ago (even after he’s asked me what my background is) and insulted me when he said, “People like you and I have no idea what kind of tools they use here to get the shows to look as awesome as they do.”

Um, actually, I’m pretty sure they use the same platform that I used but with super high end camera and audio equipment and plug-ins that can accomplish anything. But you’re probably right, I wouldn’t know anything about that.


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