Proof of My Work

I don’t know why, but it seems I’m pretty good at passing tests while pregnant. Baby should be happy that I passed the 1 hour glucose test (mmmm yummy orange soda without the soda part). But they determined my iron levels were a tad low. Justin’s excited because they recommended MORE.RED.MEAT! Blah! I think two, maybe three times a week is enough but apparently it isn’t enough for him.

It probably didn’t help that I had a complete chocolate overload all weekend. I couldn’t get enough. So I’m sorta off the chocolate craze and back on the fruit treat and orange sherbet craze. We’ll see how long I can last.

Justin participated in a 24 hour website challenge over the weekend. His team won – congrats stinky nerds! So while he was helping a local non-profit build a new website for free (in 24 hours), baby and I did some much needed shopping. Then we finished painting the kitchen. And finished emptying out some boxes and cleaned up the living room to look like a living room, without furniture. Baby and I were busy! Scully kept busy by shredding every piece of kleenex she could find. Just like old times. We can tell she’s much happier now. The evidence is all over the place…usually left by the garbage where she finds the kleenex. Little jerk.

Work is work. Just cranking out shows. Have I told you guys about the work I do? Maybe? No? Either way, the site is now live and you can go there! Woo-Hoo!

Front page only has featured shows/segments. But you can browse or search. All those shows and descriptions and information relating to the show, that’s me. I’m pretty important. Take a look. But FYI: This is only content relating to Minnesota, since we are the local Minnesota PBS station. So, no, you won’t find national shows like Nova, Frontline, or American Experience.

But you might be surprised by what you do find. Want something funny? Check out “How to Talk Minnesotan” or “Only in Minnesota with Louie Anderson.” Looking for old footage of Minneapolis? Check out “Down on Skid Row.” Want to know how the Mayo Clinic got started in the middle of a corn field? Watch “Inside Mayo Clinic.”

There are some great shows (trust me, I’ve had to watch all of them). Let me know what you think. Or you can comment on the website too. We can only make it better with feedback. Annnnnnnd….. I thank you.


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